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July 29, 2019 Astrology 0

The first planet discovered through the scientific invention (telescope) is, of course, Uranus, the ruler (or co-leader) of the Aquarius sign, the higher octave Mercury, and the mythological Saturn’s “father”. So, what is an indispensable part of his symbolism is also related to scientific and technological ideas (Merkur) and inventions that come after much time in worthwhile work, repetition of certain processes and under conditions of self-isolation (Saturn).

This text will present the main scientific and technological aspirations for the first half of this century, as well as their social implementation. All this through associations associated with Uran’s future transits, which will surely help us in such “speculations” and intuitive hints.

URAN IN TAURUS 2018-2026

The period beginning April of next year will be very challenging on the economic plane and full of revolutionary impulses regarding the valuation of material goods. The bull as a sign has too much fixed and predictable wonders for the sudden and liberal Uranus, and many will not feel it in a pleasant way.

And for the financial interests of world powers, scientific progress will remain blocked and suspended in many fields where it can specifically improve the lives of ordinary people. But robots that have been used up for almost a short period (Uranus in Aries) will become the first time modified for civilian service.

There will also be great inventions in the fields of geology, geothermal energy and organic agriculture. Also, it will then be proven that there can be a constructive use of GMOs, but it will only cause additional complications and media scandals. We are followed by an organic and ecological revolution.

Electronic money will be replaced by well-known paper in the middle of this transit. It should be kept in mind that this transit, as part of the influence of other planets, will encourage a major change in the overall functioning of global financial flows. This will also trigger the emergence of unforeseen and original methods of payment and currency.


In Gemini, this is a totally different story when it comes to the seventh planet of the Sun. Let’s say that after all the troubles of economy and money, trust in the efficiency of the system will fall so low that in most countries most people refuse to send their children to schools. This is a period of great development and the use of alternative forms of education.

This is the time when the level of AI, or artificial intelligence, will increase exponentially to a new “man closer” level. People will no longer have to learn foreign languages ​​due to efficient machines and android applications for automatic translation. But, at the same time, many old languages ​​will be extinct, and some new, so far unknown ones, will appear.

As for the invention and its use, this is definitely a richer period than the one related to Uranus in Taurus. People will for the first time, at the end of this cycle, be able to afford themselves “flying cars”, as well as new more efficient models that better use renewable energy. This will indeed be a time of constant curiosity of hunger for new information that soon gets bored.


The picture of the world and the life within the 4 walls during the time of Uran’s stay in Cancer during the late thirties of the 21st century can seem quite shocking and bizarre. Robots are an integral part of most homes, restaurants, even maternity wards. Many homes are like digital “living organisms” that intelligently “care” about their hosts, who, despite a large material comfort, are very emotional and unstable and depressed.

It is about time related to the huge advances in genetics and cloning, which will cause great social turmoil, because, for example, not everyone will be able to accept the possibility of prenatal eye color determination in children. It will be for similar, many “dystopian and non-human” ideas and inventions.

On the other hand, the optimistic part of this transit is that at the latest, finally, the cancer drug and other serious malignant diseases will finally be discovered (or presented to the people). As well as progress in the treatment, genetic improvement and nurturing of young children. There is no doubt that there will be discovery about the demographic recovery of the population – despite the total disintegration of the traditional family model.


I will not say much about the associations related to the last part of the first half of the 21st century, except that many would then prefer virtual identity and “reality” more than the actual analogue functioning. And this will condition a new way of government and organization. Like some new rebellions against authority.


Regardless of the political, climatic and economic status of this world, I believe that many of the previously mentioned scientific and technological inventions will become part of our reality. It is, of course, difficult to predict the effect of Uranus, but that is why its constructive influence on science is greater during or after a period of severe turbulence in the world.


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