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Dear friends and followers, on this page you can schedule astrological consultations and order the following types of interpretations:

  1.  Natal Horoscope (life horoscope with all your questions. Includes the prognostic of all life areas and periods.)
  2.  Annual horoscope – solar (prognostics for a year, from birthday to birthday, there are always 3 solariums connected, with special emphasis on the current one).
  3.  Yearly Horoscope with Endeads (Annual Horoscope with 40 days separated periods. The annual horoscope is divided into 9 periods in which events are specified).
  4.  Love Horoscope (special analysis of the field of emotions, description of the partner entering life + all issues of emotional issues)
  5.   Comparative partner horoscope (synchrony of two horoscopes, comparison, determination of type of relationship and prognostication of relationship …)
  6.  Business horoscope (analysis of aspects of jobs, type of work to which a person is inclined, what is financially best for her).
  7. Company horoscope (business periods, best days, business partners and compatibility.)
  8. Karmic analysis of natal (what were we, what is our purpose?)
  9. Horar questions (one specific question, on one specific topic, which is done without the need for date, time, place of birth)

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