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September 12, 2019 Astrology 0

It always happens to me that someone who has a pound or two more is questioned the potentially nasty influence of Jupiter.

It has also been said that someone who is supposedly a professional astrologer and who points to the “negative Jupiter” bass if it is mildly described as being elegantly filled if not very fat.

Saturn is often being mentioned by mournful, scared people who do not accept responsibility or who do not want to give up their own sick forms that prevent them from being mentally released. Lastly, we got crazy “Uranus” – those crazy people who either refuse to accept changes or but they can not (and do not) want to get rid of and find their inner peace.

What is the point of such an approach, and for what reason would someone point out the “maleficity” of a particular planet, aspect or astrological term – and if it personally in some way represents the identical symbolism of all this with its own personal example?

The answer lies in the personal conscious or unconscious choice of these persons. Planets are not good or bad, morally beneficial or malefic. Many individuals do not recognize themselves the right to choose and do not want to accept responsibility for their own lives. People judge themselves and have an  already-made answers to any question that they set for themselves and others if they make it at all.

I can give you a personal example. I admit that in previous years I was often alarmed before every retrograde Mecury due to a lack of awareness of the flow of information, as well as because of lack of awareness regarding its simultaneous movement, whether physical or thoughtful. Now I am often more functional during the retrograde Mercury, even more relaxed.

What has changed?

First of all, I became aware of the cheek of the symbolism of the retrograde Mercury and realized that he is excellent for retrospective and introspective thought and work processes, and also that I can return to what I started earlier – and finish it. Or to discover what was hidden from the scope of knowledge during that time.

What’s all this saying?

You choose which side of the symbolism you will reinforce, which parts will you cast, willingly or reluctantly, more consciously or less consciously. You choose between the possibilities that are given to you and between the potential paths you would have left. There is no “edge of destiny” where there were no or no sets of personal, group or generation choices and energy patterns that led to such an “irreversible” state. Choose to honor your life instead of letting it be a set of choices that are already made  and stop listing the reasons that are deterring you from using the power of will and your own FREE choice. If you choose this option, you will be choosing the wisest and the best possible way for you.


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