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September 12, 2019 Astrology 0

There are many vague interpretations and paths in learning when it comes to planetary aspects and their significance in the natal chart. This often adds a number of prejudices about the existence of “good” and “bad” aspects.


There are concerns about the individual effects and theoretical nature of the aspects, and then when looking at the natal chart as a whole, an almost unsolvable “Gordian knot” is created in the case of many who have not been addressed for it.


Often it is talked about how trines bring only talents, and squares mostly troubles. And there’s a bunch of examples of successful people who have a bunch of “super-tech” squares and the opposition, and a lot of those who did not do anything with a bunch of trigons and sextiles. Why?


It must be known that every angle that forms the relationship of two or more celestial bodies in the natal chart has its own formula – “vibration” or the principle of action. Then all other aspects of the aspect, the nature of the celestial bodies that form the aspect, as well as their position in the natal chart (sign, decade of signs, fields, dispensers, degrees etc.) are taken into account.


So in theory, the conjunction falls into the potentially strongest aspect of the proximity of the planet, followed by two “negative” or aggravating aspects of the square and opposites, and two “positive” – ​​facilitating trigon and sextile, then less known – potentially weaker quinquakes, half squares, etc. …


Here we will not talk about why the angle of 120 degrees between two traditionally beneficial planets is potentially lighter and “better” than the one of 90, that is, squares. We will talk very little (but enough) about how aspects affect and how their influence is increased or exceeded:


  1. Eg. The trigon Venus and Jupiter can give laziness and excessive hedonism as well as their square, but both aspects can affect the more secure material status of the natus, but in a completely different way.


  1. The Merkur-Saturn square can, under certain conditions related to natal, enhance one’s concentration, as well as talents in the field of natural sciences, and all this maybe more than a “light” sextile.


  1. On the other hand, the trigonals of two “malefics”, such as Mars-Uran, can, as well as squares, give strong predispositions for risky situations that can endanger the very life of a person who, however, with a trigon is more likely to survive than with a square. If that person consciously or unconsciously moves to everything, which is most often the case.


THE POINT of the whole theme is that with the use and exercise of the power of will and the difficult effects of the square, the beneficial effects of the trigon can be converted. And that excessive relaxation and mistaken submission, and giving vent to character defects of personality and various marriages and from “positive” aspects make “negative”, that is, the success then certainly lacks.


It is worth mentioning here an opposition that is, for many, the most difficult aspect in most cases. Because, unlike the square, here are not only enough of the will and the ability to overcome the challenges. This aspect, in addition to very strong conjugations, has the greatest effect on the very consciousness of the person, so here it is often required to work on the improvement of personal awareness along with the will. The ability to renounce the most desired wishes or changes / transmutation of the same are also desirable.


SUGGESTION is that “good” aspects give more space to relaxation, which does not always have to be good. They provide a more harmonious flow and energy flow, which makes it easier to open the door for more favorable living routes. What is easier is not often and better, but the “credit” there is in any case more than when it comes to challenging squares and the opposition.


But those who succeed in the strength of their will and the quality of their character overcome the tightened vibrations of the squares or even the opposition – there are real champions in the astrological sense. So, here we have just scratched the surface of an almost inexhaustible topic, as there are clear examples of those who have found success with a plethora of trigons despite severe handicaps, as well as inverted cases. To be continued.


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